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Educating cyclists and motorists on road and bike safety.

Imagine a world where roads weren’t just for cars. Imagine every road had a bike lane and next to every bike lane there was a walking path and both led to a park. We want to help create a world for future generations to be able to thrive. We want health to be a part of everyone’s lifestyle and something that EVERYONE can partake. The safety of cyclists is just the tip of the iceberg but it is the start of creating a city, state, and nation that respects, understands, and supports a bigger picture. A picture where obesity isn’t rising to 30%, diabetes isn’t spreading like wildfire, and our kids can ride their bikes to school. This world is possible but it’s going to take a movement to make it happen. No one person or organization can do this but together we can. 
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The goal of the charity is to ensure that we always have the funds readily available to help children get a proper education

75.000$ out of 100.000$
900 out of 1000 volunteers
600 out of 900 teachers
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  • I have volunteered at Charity three times.  Every time I visit, both my love and passion to help grow stronger.  When I am there I feel like I am at home.  God called me there and it is where I am the most happy.  Even when I am not there.

    John Duis
  • We have been working with Charity for over ten years now and our relationship has moved from that of charity client event organisers to friends. Charity is a great team committed to providing innovative, fun and challenging events.

    Kate Doe
  • Charity have helped Kith & Kids raise thousands of pounds through many high quality overseas challenges that have been organised on our behalf. They are passionate about what they do, go the extra mile to make our events a success.

    Chris Moern

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